Monday, September 22, 2008

The Fall 2008 WI-Global Forum is Open!

Welcome to the second WI-Global Forum! Global Studies and the Offices of the Dean of Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are happy to be able to once again provide this opportunity for UW students to share their thoughts and insights among themselves and with the wider world.

This semester's topic is International Sport -- including (but not limited to) such themes as the interplay of sports and marketing at the global level, how peoples and nations define themselves through sport, how sport is defined by a nation, crosscultural differences in the intersection of sports and broader national cultures, comparative perspectives on the role of athletes (amateur, collegiate, and professional) in society, the use of sport for political ends, and so on.

Complete information on how you can participate in the WI-Global Forum (UW students are eligible to post and win the WI-Global Forum awards; everyone is welcome to comment on postings) is available by following the links under the header above.

The postings from the Spring 2008 Forum -- on music -- are available below. You can get a good sense of the quality of the discussion by reading the posts. And though that Forum topic is closed, comments on those past postings, and the postings to come yet this semester, are always welcome.

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