Thursday, January 29, 2009

Culture and Globalization

One of the question prompts for this topic which I thought was most interesting was the one that asked "is there even a way of measuring cultural loss and cultural gain?" This made me think about different cultures that I am familiar with, and made me think about whether or not, even in my life that, they have changed. And, if so, how did they change? And, as the question asks, I thought about whether or not there was even a way of measuring the cultural shift.

To say that we are living in an age of globalization is both true and false. Globalization did not just suddenly happen within the past twenty years. It has always been happening, there has always been interaction between different peoples and cultures. Yet, it is true that with the advent of the internet, with plane tickets being so accessible to more people, etc. the world is in an era of globalization which it has never seen before.

So with that said... how can you measure cultural changes? Cultures change. People change. Values at one point in time for one society undergo changes. Has globalization made a change to these cultures? Yes. Would these cultures have changed anyway? Yes. Since change is inevitable, since there is more of a flow between cultures, since there is more interaction between different traditions how do you measure the change?

I would say that there is no real way to measure cultural loss or gain, as the question put it. I would say, as well, that there is no real such thing as cultural loss or gain since cultures are apt to change on their own at any given point in time in order to fit the times. Cultures will change, but I think it is best to think of them as evolving with the times. That's what they have always done and what they will always do. This will not change even with the rapid globalization of the world.

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